As an employer, you can expect the highest level of service from JR Stadin, LLC:

1) Every candidate who is presented to your firm will have been interviewed and pre-qualified ahead of time. However, you will be informed if a candidate has not been interviewed due to extenuating circumstances. Each candidate is presented to your firm with a brief synopsis of experience and skill-sets so that you know about an individual's core competencies even before viewing the resume. We believe that this allows you to know as much as possible about a candidate so that you can make your own informed decision regarding a potential fit.

2) In the spirit of "quality over quantity," you will never be overwhelmed with a multitude of resumes. However, a wide variety of candidates can always be presented on any given search if requested.

3) We provide employers with a pricing service where compensation ranges can be provided for candidates on all levels. This service allows you to avoid unnecessary expenses if potential staffing searches do not fit into your budgetary framework. We will work with you to determine if a search makes sense and maximizes the chance for your firm's future growth.

4) Know Your Client - We are a strong believer in the idea of knowing one's client and, as a result, take the time to listen to your needs and wants. We view every client relationship as a "business partnership" based upon efficiency and effectiveness in presenting the best and brightest candidates who are actively on the market.