Senior Quantitative Associate / Research and Risk Management
VP - Investment Analyst / Operational Due Diligence
Quantitative Analyst
Senior Quantitative Analyst
Manager Analyst
Legal Counsel
Senior Marketing Associate/Internal Wholesaler

Senior Quantitative Associate / Research and Risk Management - Job1A

Qualification requirements:
• At least 4 years of actual experience working in a financial risk management position
• A well developed understanding and intuition of financial instruments, derivative pricing, hedging analysis and stress testing
• The ability to quickly and easily build analytical software models and tools to do analysis (skills must include ability understand common programming languages and relational databases)
• Posses excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Be an out of the box, creative thinker
• Desire to work in a team environments

Description: The Quantitative Research and Risk Management group of a fund of funds is looking for a candidate with a PhD in either econometrics or statistics from a top academic institution to join its team. Candidate should have extensive experience conducting original empirical research in generalized factor models or asset pricing models.

Responsibilities: Candidate would be responsible for assessing manager risk, analyzing manager portfolios using a variety of pricing and risk models, reporting and analysis for internal and external clients, and building cutting edge tools for investment analysis.


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VP - Investment Analyst / Operational Due-Diligence - Job 2A

Qualification requirements:
Five to ten years work experience; combination of securities trading (or support) and Alternative Investments (Hedge Funds, Fund of Funds, Private Equity) preferred
Familiarity with derivative products required
Should have proven success in either conducting securities trading and/or support of those operations
Familiarity with trading desk "best practices"
Ability to review annual financial statements of hedge funds
Exposure to compliance and legal issues and or documents
Experience in conducting internal control assessments
Familiarity with valuation methodologies used for both liquid and illiquid securities

Description: This position will be charged with conducting on-site operational due diligence assessments of a multi-billion dollar fund of funds' portfolio of hedge fund managers.

Responsibilities: The individual will be responsible for conducting periodic operational due diligence updates through semi-annual site visits at each of the hedge fund managers within the current investment portfolio. Development of standard operating procedures that will serve as the roadmap for conducting operational due diligence reviews. Assess and report on the level of operational risk exposure at each of the current and prospective hedge fund managers on both a quantitative and qualitative basis. Assessments will be based on, but not necessarily limited to, a review of the overall control environment, including procedural internal controls and risk management processes currently employed by each hedge fund manager. Review of the annual audited financial statements for all the fund of funds' hedge fund investments.


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Qualification requirements:
Education: Undergraduate degree in finance, economics, mathematics, physics, computer science or engineering is required; Strong programming skills absolutely a must; Postgraduate degree (PhD/MS) preferred but not required

Experience: Minimum of two years industry experience as a quantitative analyst, proprietary trader or programmer Applicants with hedge fund, trading desk and asset management backgrounds preferred

Skills: Excellent analytical skills, strong interpersonal skills, strong oral and written communications skills, strong desire to learn and succeed

Computer Skills: High level programming and database (VB, C++, SQL) experience, Decision Tools / @Risk experience a plus, Bloomberg experience a plus

Ideal Candidate: : familiar with PCA, levenberg-marquardt, co-integration, bayesian models, non-linear programming, perl, GUIs, inheritance, parsing, greedy algorithms, class design, STL

Summary: The primary role of this position will be to develop quantitative forecasting models and tools to be used in risk management and portfolio construction of hedge fund of funds portfolios, as well as the analysis of individual managers. This work involves hands on coding, testing of algorithms and analysis of complex, unstructured data.

Responsibilities: Formulate and execute projects designed to improve the group's applied quantitative techniques in the area of portfolio construction, develop and apply advanced statistical methods across investment strategies and portfolios. Design and implement advanced risk measurement and management systems based on the varied levels of transparency provided to the group by its external hedge fund managers.


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Qualification requirements:
Responsibilities: Support implementation of suitable tools for ex-ante risk analysis of equity and fixed income portfolios. Support implementation of tool for performance attribution.
Calculate tracking error forecasts for all major portfolios. Collaborate closely with decision takers in investment management to elucidate the risk exposure of our products and to help "taking risk where it pays off".
Develop a controlling and reporting scheme for market risk, define acceptable risk profiles and bandwidths for our products, implement controlling procedures.
Compile risk and performance reports on a regular schedule, supply this information to senior management in New York and to ABRM.
Support the NTF business with quantitative skills and methods (eg. developing custom analysis for hedge funds, backtesting individual investment strategies).

Skills: College degree (M.Sc, Ph.D.) in a quantitative discipline (math, econometrics, physics, engineering, ...).
At least 3 years (preferrably 5+ years) of relevant working experience in financial risk management or in quantitative analysis of financial products. Candidate might come from sell-side positions (eg. engineering of derivatives), from the reinsurance business (eg. modelling of alternative risk transfer) or from a buy-side context (eg. risk analysis for a hedge fund or a traditional asset manager, portfolio optimization and index tracking for a passive fund manager). Candidate must be interested in buy-side topics such as portfolio analysis and optimization.
Must be computer-literate (at least some programming skills with Visual Basic, preferrably broader programming knowledge and experience with at least one math and statistics tool such as Matlab, Gauss, SPSS).
Prior experience with one or several of the following themes a definite plus: VaR calculations, factor analysis, time series forecasting, calculation of efficient frontiers, portfolio optimization, Monte Carlo simulation.


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Reports to: Co-Portfolio Manager

Job Description :
Manager Analyst will:
1. Identify new sources of return by evaluating absolute return strategies in the hedge fund arena and assess peer groups.
2. Improve the portfolio management process by assisting in the development and implementation of processes and procedures, including the building of tools and models for manager evaluation, risk management and asset allocation.
3. Improve the portfolio by contributing knowledge-based and process/analysis-driven recommendations regarding asset allocation decisions, and by identifying weaknesses in the current portfolio.
4. Favorably represent the company by building relationships with managers, investors, and service providers, and by attending industry events.
5. Facilitate operational success by developing and implementing internal interaction procedures with all other departments.
6. Improve operational efficiency by collecting information and documentation on all new allocations for handoff to portfolio analyst.
7. Maintain awareness of the portfolio by ongoing performance monitoring and discussion with existing allocations.
8. Develop personal skills by staying abreast of strategies, industry trends and capital markets.
9. Facilitate asset growth by interfacing with marketing department.
10. Advance state-of-the-art understanding of portfolio and risk management by engaging in a variety of research and development opportunities.

Time Allocation:
60% New manager evaluation and conference/event attendance
20% Existing manager monitoring
10% Process and infrastructure development
10% Asset allocation and portfolio construction meetings

Manager Analyst should have:
Significant experience in the hedge fund industry, with a focus on evaluating hedge fund managers;
Extensive knowledge of a wide variety of security types and risk factors, as well as a fundamental understanding of risk, reward and correlation.
The ability to gather and process tremendous amounts of new information;
High degree of intelligence and a healthy dose of skepticism;
Strong attention to detail and process;
Strong quantitative and analytical skills;
Strong interviewing skills; and
Very strong presentation and client-facing skills.

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Job Purpose:
Ensure registered investment adviser and commodity pool operator remains in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations and minimizes business risk while facilitating the objectives and goals of the portfolio management and sales and marketing groups.


Maintaining Regulatory Compliance:
By remaining knowledgeable of SEC, CFTC and NFA rules and regulations " By remaining knowledgeable of applicable state laws
By monitoring activities of Irish Stock Exchange
By monitoring anti-money laundering developments
By staying abreast of regulatory developments
By staying abreast of product and industry developments
By ensuring timely, accurate and up-to-date offering materials
By proactively troubleshooting issues
By maintaining corporate books and records
By liaising with outside counsel, regulatory authorities and service providers

Assisting Portfolio Management:
In performing manager due diligence
In negotiating investment management agreements
In completing manager subscription agreements
In negotiating financing arrangements
In researching/advising on critical issues

Assisting Sales and Marketing:
In drafting/reviewing strategic relationship and selling agreements
In performing due diligence for strategic relationship purposes
In completing due diligence documents
In researching/ advising on critical issues

Assisting Operations and Client Services:
In reviewing subscription documents
In answering investor queries


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Reports to: Vice President, Client Relationship Management

Job Purpose:
Initiate and/or follow up on sales calls, provide intermediaries with sales ideas, answer product questions; provide performance data; identify new sales opportunities; and launch new products. Provide external wholesaler with sales support. Directly monitor a staff of marketing associates who support the wholesale sales effort.

Main Tasks and Responsibilities:
Make proactive marketing calls within territory focusing on all levels of sales (acquisition, development, and retention)
Develop and maintain relationships with existing brokers in order to sell products and identify any new sales opportunities
Work as a partner with the Outside Wholesaler in order to formulate and implement a business plan and sales strategy
Convey sales ideas, accurate product information, and gather marketing data in discussions with targeted audience " Support Private Client area within the group
Make sound business decisions in terms of prioritizing and managing workload
Maintain extensive knowledge on all of the group's products and services
Serve as point person for the sales desk and see through to resolution
Serve as day to day operations liaison for all products and services
Implement sales strategies, monitor phone call campaigns of sales desk and review weekly sales efforts and phone statistics
Provide guidance to other marketing representatives, train new marketing representatives, and assist in evaluations

Qualifications/Work Experience/Skills:
Fluent in Spanish
Series 6 (preferably 7and 63 licenses too)
Bachelor's degree
5+ years experience in the financial or investment management industry
Sales/Marketing experience


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